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How to Make & Store a Cryptocurrency Wallet Backup

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When it comes to crypto, only private keys really matter! Learn how to make a copy of and store your private keys, so that even if you lose your device or your web wallet provider goes down, your funds are still claim-able by you and only you. Check out our new channel! http://youtube.com/dashorg Connect with us! [website] http://TheDailyDecrypt.com [tweets] http://twitter.com/TheDailyDecrypt [facebook] http://facebook.com/TheDailyDecrypt [RSS feed]: http://TheDailyDecrypt.com/posts/feed [subreddit]: http://reddit.com/r/TheDailyDecrypt Wanna sponsor a show? http://thedailydecrypt.com/Sponsorship Sponsor: The Merkle: http://themerkle.com Show links: Mobile Dash wallet used in video: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hashengineering.darkcoin.wallet Music: "More Than a Feeling" by Boston: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSR6ZzjDZ94
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Text Comments (63)
k k (4 months ago)
Dash for 6$ 🙄🙄 why dint i came to know about crypto in 2016😭
Shawn Brown (4 months ago)
Very informative. Thank you!!
Forrest Munden (5 months ago)
"The Merkle" not to mistaken for "Merkel the name that brought Germany and Europe to destruction
bill frost (5 months ago)
you look like fun charming and gorgeous , thank you many times
Lest C (4 months ago)
bill frost yes looks like a good fuck
Gadgets&Co (5 months ago)
DASH @ 6$ ahhhhh good old times :D
nik (5 months ago)
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Umut Birey (6 months ago)
couldnt you find an older phone? maybe galaxy s2 ?
Kevin Ellerton (6 months ago)
"you are an early adopter. yes you are." love it :-) thanks for the validation
cr8ive (7 months ago)
The REAL "private key" you need,  is the signal you need to be online. Don't worry about cyber security if you have no signal. . . It is still early days, but one thing is certain.  The government and financial institutions are already on red alert regarding all crypto currencies.  If anybody think they are going to give up their power to control society,  along with the power to milk them for profits,  they are in for a surprise.  Everyone seem to think they are untouchable in this "online virtual world",  but they forget that government has control over,  or can gain power over the signal you require to be online. Once the threat becomes to strong and they lose too much money,  they will simply cut you off from utilizing the network.  Already everyone that is on the Apple platform can be switched off by flicking a switch.  You cant use your iPhone if they don't switch it on. . . .and you cant do nothing if they decide to switch it off . . . .all the millions In crypto currencies will be useless to you if you cant access it. . . . like I said, early days. . . I no the crypto enthusiast will remain optimistic,  but lets also be realistic . . . .we all know what's going on behind the scenes where the power struggles for world domination is taking place . . . .Money is power so they will put up a fight to retain it. . . just saying, but all the best
cr8ive (7 months ago)
Governments all over the world simply wont except the hits they take in losses from the masses....their cash cows must be milked...
Do TienThinh (7 months ago)
Of course the government can shut it down easily. Say if the US govt decided to ban bitcoin transaction in the country, people will start selling like mad and bitcoin price will plummet. It may still survive elsewhere but won't be a considerable factor. That's why bitcoin lives on the sunk cost premise that since people has invested so much in it, they may as well keep supporting it or risk financial crisis. With more people joining and supporting the network, it is easier to put pressure on the government to put away extreme measures.
One/Crypto/Revolutionary (8 months ago)
So important! During my multimedia degree it was drilled into us: if you don't have 2 backups you don't have any.
tiphares (8 months ago)
i like the dune reference in this
merry merry (8 months ago)
when does the ICO for hostcoin star? aNyone
sopark434 (8 months ago)
If I have a Seed Phrase do I need the Dat file? Or can i loose my computer and download wallet put in pass phrase and done?
Benjamin Hatchett (9 months ago)
Can some answer this? I understand you should store bitcoin in a wallet but what about other smaller altcoins ? Are those safe to keep on the exchanges that you bought them with such as bittrex?
Jhon Supelano Rojas (11 months ago)
monero 1.41 usd 2016, today 2017 40 usd wowww
TalesFromTheCrypto (4 months ago)
And now $300 USD :)
Eon Flux (11 months ago)
i understand the video on how to backup. what i don't understand is, if more money goes into my wallet, i would have to back it up again to update it right. keep backing it up to reflect the new amount. What if i back it up to 2 seperate hard drives, wouldn't that give me double the money? its kinda confusing.
Alex Daminger (10 months ago)
You have the keys. The key gives you acess to your bitcoins or altcoin in the network. You never have the bitcoins on your computer/phone/usb, you only have the keys to acess them. So if you make multiple backup, you don't clone your coins, you just clone the keys that gives you acess to your coins online.
J modus (1 year ago)
Wow! I like super dig you Amanda you're great! Great delivery , clear, fun, keep ME smiling and entertaining not corny, certainly easy on the eyes- all around perfect! . Thank you much.
davo mo (1 year ago)
Can you still not log into your account with your email and password from another device with backing it up or is this just incase it gets corrupted?
Otman Ben Aboud (1 year ago)
You can also save the wallet in Dropbox. It works good
Liberalism is a Cult (10 months ago)
Don't save anything private, on Dropbox
John Barrett (1 year ago)
Please don't anyone ever email your private key. Technically your private key and .json, etc should never be generated or viewed by a computer that's online.
Shawn Romwell (1 year ago)
dem bangs
ROBERT BROWNE (2 years ago)
You are Awesome Thank You Amanda!
As an archivist: If you do a paper backup of your seed using word... use good quality paper and ink. Not all papers are equal in quality: journal paper=really bad. Some ink decay quickly under uv light other could last century.
Touni J (2 years ago)
interesting , please donate some Bits to start this wonderful trip with you in digital currency? ( 1LSj4kvZgqLJW1QqopvA2y2PPozxCiUW5V ). thank you in advance
joae1975 (2 years ago)
The priv key you posted in your vid is invalid, please priv message me you're real priv key. Thanks!!
tango110 (2 years ago)
Thanks Amanda for all your helpful videos, my understanding of crypto, crypto currencies, and economics are improving everyday
James Dueck (2 years ago)
Boston. I keep being pleasantly surprised by your show.
Brian Nyeko Moini (2 years ago)
what do you recommend for encryption software for USB thumb drive?
Chris Moore (2 years ago)
It's not a good idea to email (or otherwise send online) your wallet backup if it isn't encrypted with a very good passphrase.
fiazkou (2 years ago)
Hey Amanda, what was the episode where you announced this community from Chile that is building a sort of independent community by the beach and you can buy a house and participate in this project? thanks!
bassmanjr100 (2 years ago)
I think your tutorials are the best videos that you do. Good work.
fhhfgj (2 years ago)
Could you do a review of the Jaxx wallet please. Thanks for the info Amanda!
Ja Marcson (2 years ago)
I enjoy backing up my crypto files even more watching the Daily Decrypt. You put the Fun back in my Investment Funds. =J
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Jason Villagran LOL, nice
Garbear (2 years ago)
Beautiful as always but what the heck happened to ur bangs!
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+MommaSoPHAT I ran into a weed whacker. Clearly.
ausPPC (2 years ago)
Jaxx.io is a prime example of a wallet that doesn't let the user discover their own private keys... The Ethereum Mist / Wallet software is also guilty of this...
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+ausPPC I didn't know that about those wallets. Thanks for the heads-up.
ausPPC (2 years ago)
+ausPPC Although... There's a work-around for Mist (/Wallet/geth) - I generate my own private key strings and import them rather than allow Mist to create accounts that it then prevents me from knowing the private keys to...
eliterminator00 (2 years ago)
Don't forget about memorizing the seed! It doesn't take too long to write 12 or 24 words to brain memory.
eliterminator00 (2 years ago)
+Chris Moore Take it 6 words at a time. It's all about repetition. You need to say those 6 words over and over until you really have them. If you repeat the words often enough, you won't be able to forget them. And if you have enough money stored with that seed, you may be motivated like me to check your memory every so often. At first, I checked my memory everyday. Now I may do it a few times per week, depending on how often I have bitcoin on my mind. This approach may not be for everyone, but it doesn't hurt to have an extra backup. Hopefully you'll never need to use one.
Chris Moore (2 years ago)
+eliterminator00 That's fine then. Do you have any advice for how to write 24 random words to brain memory? I find myself unable to do it reliably. I had a hard enough time trying to memory a Mycelium backup password, and that's only something like 16 random letters. I managed to remember it for a short time by making up a mnemonic (like how you remember the order of the planets from the sun as "My Very Enthusiastic Mother Just Sent Us Nine (Pizzas)") - but when I don't even get to pick the words, and it's just a string of nouns I find nothing to grab onto.
eliterminator00 (2 years ago)
+Chris Moore it's only one of my backups ;)
Chris Moore (2 years ago)
+eliterminator00 Probably not a good idea to rely solely on wetware memory for any seed. It's easy to forget random words, especially if we're not using them regularly. And there's always the possibility of damaging your grey matter in an accident. It would suck to lose access to your coins just when you need them to pay for medical care.
eliterminator00 (2 years ago)
I'm actually serious. I'd never be crazy enough to memorize a private key, but I have a couple seeds in my brain. I can actually feel bitcoins clanking around in there.
RetroGamePlus (2 years ago)
Are you running Gridcoin yet Amanda? I tried and it didn't work out maybe you can do an episode on it.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+RetroGamePlus "Running" it, like, hosting their blockchain? Nope, I'm not. Do they pay nodes, per chance?
Chris Coney (2 years ago)
Your hair looks nice today.
Chris Coney (2 years ago)
Who is 'we'? and why can't you say the same about me?
+Chris Coney we can't say the same about you.
Utku Tönel (2 years ago)
QUESTION: Why do you throw random commas in your speech?
Paul Mathot (2 years ago)
+Utku Tönel Maybe it is because she isn't a droid, and she needs to breathe and think sometimes? Or maybe she is a droid that pretends to be human?
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+afaegfsgsdef Yes, I owe it all to the WSSoA.
Le Bulle (2 years ago)
+Utku Tönel huh? That's how people talk.
Moloch (2 years ago)
She went to the William Shatner school of acting
Micky G (2 years ago)
or stolen!!!
Jay Baker (2 years ago)
Tip for those who may not know, "json" is pronounced kind of like the name "jason". I tend to hear it with the "o" in the "son" part pronounced as in the preposition "on" and not as the "u" in "sun". It stands for Javascript Object Notation and is native javascript code (an object literal) that has gained wide acceptance because it is human readable and easy to parse.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Jay Baker I did not know what .json stood for. Kewl, thanks.
Bollen Crypto (2 years ago)
Great video Amanda! Me and my Wifey loves your video! 👍🏼😊
Bollen Crypto (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt hehe yes :) keep doing what your doing 😇🤓
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+True or Fake Oh, that's nice to hear. The Daily Decrypt brings families closer together. Bonding time with crypto.

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