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Scottish Independence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Scotland is about to vote on whether to secede from the UK. There are solid arguments on both sides. But none of that makes bagpipes good to listen to…or does it? Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Text Comments (8439)
Sebastian Wardana (11 hours ago)
When you are LMAO around 12:30, nobody can help you!
Tracy Dearsan (2 days ago)
i was just gobsmacked when Scotland voted to stay.
WitherWolf33 (2 days ago)
So Scotland's pulling an Ireland, good for them.
Mateusz Wojciechowski (5 days ago)
I thought Haggis was illegal in US
MERTIN (5 days ago)
Wish we left. Fuckin hate the English rule
Jock Duff (22 hours ago)
Let's be honest, you probably don't understand anything about "the English rule" when even Salmond calls bullshit on your statment.
James Drummond (8 days ago)
Who is this numpty who thinks its fun to take the piss out of Scotland ,i hope to meet this bastard, he would not be so funny after.
James Drummond (8 days ago)
Scotland lost the independence vote because of foreigners working here being aloud to vote in the election ,they of course voted to stay with the pound as they were frightened by the unionists that if Scotland got independence the would be payed in euros, a damned lie of course by scottish tories and unionists ,lib, lab, ect. So let,s have another vote without foreigners getting to vote and lets see the outcome then.
Jock Duff (22 hours ago)
So, what are you? The Scottish version of a Redneck? All this hateful talk of "foreigners" I can only imagine you're slobishly trying to down a beer while groping a close female relative.
Samantha Schwertley (9 days ago)
This is definitely my favorite video on this channel, I honestly can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watch this since it went up 😂
Clare Kolodzik (9 days ago)
I’ve watched this a thousand times but the more I learn about Scottish history the more I’m just like how did they NOT leave
Jock Duff (5 hours ago)
It's a written comment, I can't control what tone you draw from it without some emotional descriptions that really aren't needed. I haven't insulted you, I've only shown mild frustration at some questionable comments, which is unreasonable.
Clare Kolodzik (6 hours ago)
And nothing you said requires the combative and personally insulting tone your comments have, and yet here we are.
Jock Duff (6 hours ago)
If you don't like comments, don't post on a public forum. Better yet, don't strop off when you're proven wrong while claiming to know about something. None of this requires a "dissertation" only the basic ability to look something up.
Clare Kolodzik (6 hours ago)
I'm sorry let me just get down here and write a dissertation on specific occurrences, influences, and outcomes of history for a youtube comment to respond to someone who clearly wants to argue when I don't. Not a waste of my time at all. For a youtube comment. I'm done with this.
Jock Duff (6 hours ago)
Sure, the problem is that there's having an opinion and then there's deliberately misrepresenting history. Because while you threw out some very generic and unspecified occurrences, if I was to ask you to go into any detail about those your opinion would very quickly be proven wrong. Because, as you said, context is everything and you don't provide any. Want an example? The imprisonment of the Covenanters at Greyfriars, your one semi-specific example, was done under the Scottish government by Scottish leaders because the Scottish parliament was still in existence and would be for another thirty years or so. Firmly a Scottish matter you seem eager to blame on the English for some reason.
TheIceAnt (10 days ago)
Oh dear...
nikolai (12 days ago)
Scotland: finnaly independence. England: Ha ha no. *Starts invading scotland*. Scotland: God damn it.
Jove Oddo (14 days ago)
Run away scotland. You didnt leave before, but run the fuck to the EU
Yega (14 days ago)
This video is the reason Scotland stayed.
Panda Time! (15 days ago)
Making fun of Scotland’s national animal was a bit rude, it has meaning behind it.
Temper Just Temper (15 days ago)
What’s scatland I’ve heard of Scotland I live in it but ive never heard of scatland
Conner Fields (17 days ago)
"Tastes like a house fire". ha ha ha ha ha.
v_espertine (19 days ago)
I wish the Brexit referendum had happened first.
Shaun Designs (19 days ago)
I can assure you if we have another referendum we will leave. West Minster were sucking up to us to stay because it would be bad for them if we left then they go and leave the EU... Now Scotland and the rest of Britain get dragged out of the EU because England voted leave.
Jock Duff (15 hours ago)
Not overly, no. If turnout for Remain had been better in Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales the result could have been changed. England had the highest turnout in terms of percentage. Statements like yours are lazy and look to shift the blame. Don't do it. Edit: Here let us do some quick math. The number of winning votes was roughly 1.3 million. Roughly 1 million people voted in the Scottish Independence referendum who didn't vote in the EU one. If they went remain you'd wipe out a large part of the lead just by that. You'd also have nearly another 400,000 people left in Scotland alone who could have voted, and if they had done so, overturned the vote.
Shaun Designs (20 hours ago)
Jock Duff whether or not any other country voted yes or no we still would have got dragged out of the EU.
Jock Duff (22 hours ago)
England, Wales, about a million people in Scotland...try not to be so simplistic.
Drew B (21 days ago)
Really let him have a field today with this one
issy goddard (24 days ago)
"He (David Cameron) embodies everything I hate about England and I'm English" - thank god he's gone!
Sir Francis Bombard (25 days ago)
Republican: Daddy worshipping, Traditionalist, Alchemy snorting, Syon living Rome Building Mother-F'ers The search for Anakin Skywalker continues. Go, Democrats! Remember what happened to the Roman Empire, my friends! It is right that America turns to a Democrat state. Say, bye, bye traditionalists for the sabers of truth are SMARTER and STRONGER. Republicans will be running like Luke and Leia...guns belong to Democrats and even Pythagoras had to tolerate Rome. These revolutionaries crave stability and would pass a thousand Republicans to achieve its appearance. We should show them that there is little stability in its embracing. Come to the Dark Side, Luke, and realize all is lost...for Babylon is filled with Democrats and Chemists building atomic bomb after bomb. Go back to Rome, Republican daddies, or embrace the dark side! I don't know about the plastic surgery and anal entry, but if you think it's a Democrat or Babylon perspective you should check history and maybe join the Republicans! We are cyborgs and A.I. and abstinence. Franklin said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and I don't think you can conquer licentiousness. Too controversial and gross for Democratic viewpoints right now. That's the price you pay for those choices and I don't think it will even be accepted by Democrats. Do you expect chemists to drink their own bathtub product or carry their own musket pouders?
Debating Jay (27 days ago)
John's plea made 2.8k people accidentally press the dislike button. You may wanna correct that people!
Jake Lownds (28 days ago)
7:19 That segment is called "Prime Minister's Question Time" lol
Adrian Sosa (28 days ago)
Scotland nope!!! They need to stay together!!! That’s their punishment!!!! Fuckers and why the fuck did Ireland get to do the fucking splits!!! Brexit my ass!!!
dennis camacho (1 month ago)
I can't understand Scottish accent
Elli P (1 month ago)
President Trump's mum was a Scot; no WONDER he hates the English so much. The feeling's mutual, of course. If they'd known how he was going to behave beforehand during his recent unpopular visit, some of the people he claims to admire certainly wouldn't have given him the kind of reception he thinks he deserves. The Queen would have set the corgis on him; Prince Phil would have shot him; Churchill would've punched him on the jaw (jaw); Maggie Thatcher would have smacked him with a brick-filled handbag, ripped off his nuts and fed them to the aforementioned corgis. Sorry, that was fake news. I wonder if he knows what a Glasgow Kiss is...
TheGoldMiner (1 month ago)
Cameron was a good leader!! More liberal propaganda
W1DO (1 month ago)
Worth noting that under the current system the main cities in Scotland are on a par with the poor cities in England. Scotland as a region of England will never prosper, but it will also never be left to rot entirely. A vote to remain in the UK was a vote to continue as the UKs "HARRY POTTER"... Scotland might be locked under the stairs, but at least they are inside and get the food scraps.
Jock Duff (9 hours ago)
Wrong. https://discourse.scot/2017/04/10/2015-gdp-per-capita-eu27-uk/
Kitsune Ursa Vision (1 month ago)
Not even word on the flaming bagpipes in the beginning?
J Watson (1 month ago)
Anthony M (1 month ago)
His lady Scottish voice sounds like fucking Mrs.Doutfire
Kimberly Austin (1 month ago)
Everyone knows grimace is a mcnugget so old it gained sentience
lawrence legend (1 month ago)
9:13 😠😂
Jacob Prim (1 month ago)
12:15 oh dear...
JWil42 (1 month ago)
The Americans and the Irish can do it, why can’t the Scots?
The drunk monkey 12 (1 month ago)
The UK is a country! Its a constitutionally unitary state, its technically more of a country than the USA
Terry Lee (1 month ago)
If Scotland wants independence, must have fire powers to fight against British. Please come to China to purchase weapons you want!
Gregory Ashton (1 month ago)
The United Kingdom of Great Britain IS a country.
Samuel Robinson (1 month ago)
At least JK had Ireland win the quidditch world cup!!
Samuel Robinson (1 month ago)
Give us the rest of our island back you country stealing pricks!!
Jock Duff (9 hours ago)
Learn what the meaning of no is and accept the majority in that part don't want to be at this time.
blunted333 (1 month ago)
didnae go as planned, don't worry, we've been nipping down to the borders on the weekends wi hammers and chisels... job will get done one way or the other eventually :D
drdassler (1 month ago)
There's something I quite like about bagpipes. I like them a little more when I have a volume control tho.
patrice ménard (1 month ago)
In fact ... loosing the pound is a stupid argument often used in quebec with the canadian dollar ... a currency cannot loose 20% of his mass and still be ok, england , just like canada , would e the first to begs the new sovreign nation to keep the currency...
Multi Rkade (1 month ago)
Oh John, you certainly know how to put on a show. If I lived in Scotland then I would vote to stay for you. Even though the referendum has already passed.
benedictify (1 month ago)
Eh, Scotland should have left. Fuck the English.
benedictify (1 month ago)
His Scottish woman voice sounds a lot like Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire
Solariis TrippleEight (1 month ago)
Solariis TrippleEight (1 month ago)
say goodbye to Scotland and Ireland idiot.
Cullen Gandy (1 month ago)
This had me rolling.
that one stormtrooper (1 month ago)
Braveheart is the fucking worst
Just Looking (1 month ago)
Those poor people in the ridiculous unicorn costume...lol hilarious 😆
Patrick Woodside (1 month ago)
Devolution ñow turned on it's head we never voted to leave the EU one of many things we where told would destroy our economy and now we have brexit our parliament refused consent to the EU Withdrawal Bill legal challenge in waiting #ScotRef now! 62% REMAIN
Patrick Woodside (1 month ago)
Plus scotland only gets 59 MPs down from 72 and going further fair representation I don't think so uk government needs our assets simple #ScotRef im not British im Scottish I have a Scottish parliament to represent us and our MPs can come back home
Patrick Woodside (1 month ago)
Plus #Oil is back again never went away just off the coast of Shetland!
kakashihatake454 (1 month ago)
Cat Bronchitis in A minor 😂😂 dead
Paul Lytle (1 month ago)
NI is next tiocfaidh ar la
Sylvia Wvong (1 month ago)
I hate to say this, but J.O., you have a terrible scottish accent. You also do a very bad Canadian one. I have never heard anyone speak like that in my entire life. But you are a great comedian.
ILikeCoors Beer (1 month ago)
Hello, I am just an American so I don't want to put my nose into this topic too far (since it's probably none of my buisiness), but I wanted to ask you guys across the Atlantic why the Scottish parlament has the authority to declare it's independence, and why those in the UK would expect London to honor Scotlands decision. I know that from 1707 to 1999 the Parliament in London kind of ran the whole show, but as far as I can tell, the changes made by the "devolved" measures made since 1998 have made the Scottish parlament seemingly completely subservient to the London parlament. I got from the official scottish parlament website: "The UK Parliament continues to legislate in reserved areas in Scotland. It remains sovereign and may also therefore legislate on devolved matters in Scotland. However in accordance with the so called Sewel Convention, the Government has adopted a principle whereby ‘the UK will not normally legislate in relation to devolved matters in Scotland without the agreement of the Scottish Parliament.’ " From this bit and the gist from the rest of the websites describtion, it seems that even if Scotland did say yes to leaving the UK, only the UK parlament has the power to actually pass the legislation needed to make Scotland an independent country (right? Did i misinterprate this?). Am I missing something? Even if Scotland now has its own parlament which is given authority on domestic scottish issues, the power to expand that power lies firmly in London (Scotland ' s parlament isn't even given authority on foreign policy). So I mean, has anything really changed from how it's been for the last 311 years? I mean, if the parlament in London just ignores the "leave" descision of Scotland, there doesn't seem to be anything in place, by the law or by force, which would compel the parlament in London to even touch the issue, much less declare it's 300 year partner permanently independent. I'm not trying to criticize anyone, I just feel like I must be missing something big, otherwise I can't help but see this entire vote as some kind of weird farce (where no one wins). Scotland in 1707 was forced by London to give up any power of self governance it still had. I just don't see anything preventing London from doing the same thing today. If they effectively disolved the Scottish parlament using the same authority they used to establish it in 1997..... well you probably get my point. Do you guys over there trust this? Why doesn't London shut this down? Is there anything preventing London from doing so? Would them killing this entire thing, scottish parlament and all, even be unpopular in these times? I love you john oliver
Jock Duff (9 hours ago)
The Scottish parliament doesn't have the power to declare independence, it was temporarily granted the power to hold the vote by the uK government.
harshal agrawal (1 month ago)
sarcasm is not going to get scotland back
AManThatCantFly (1 month ago)
*S C O T T L A N D F O R E V E R*
dominic tiesi (2 months ago)
David Young (2 months ago)
Whoever thinks this guy is funny needs their head looked, what a Bawbag.
Simplethings (2 months ago)
and a few years later this ignorant country decide to vote Donald Trump as President. Back at ya!!!
MUGODA SIMON (2 months ago)
IT WILL BE SAD THAT AFTER ALL THE WORLD CHANGING STUFF GREAT BRITAIN DID good or bad Scotland leaves, it will be the end of an enra in world History together they changed the world but ..
Milubee (2 months ago)
my favorite feminist
Paul Lytle (2 months ago)
You had no problem shipping out in the black and tans to makesure no one plays hurling or survives a football match but now you want independence from the huns lookie there Tiocfaidh ar la erin go bragh
Allison Biddix (2 months ago)
Respect to all those who fought & still fighting for Scottish independence & freedom from english control!✔💯💙
Quiwi Lin Lisolet (2 months ago)
I wonder what would happen if they voted again now post Brexit...
Dovakhiiin (2 months ago)
It's even more sick when you learn that Scots chose the unicorn for their naitonal symbol because in the legends it is the only animal that can defeat a lion. And guess who's national animal is a lion? ;)
devon weber (2 months ago)
The guy with the cards is Rick from walking dead
devon weber (2 months ago)
He's American not Australian
Firehoof (2 months ago)
The United Kingdom is a country ffs 😒
Charles Saint (2 months ago)
I'm just a poor boy. Nobody loves me.
Sweet&Saucey (2 months ago)
So what actually ended up happening
Mark Kuiper (2 months ago)
Left wing fuck
Autumn (2 months ago)
This show is the single reason scotland stayed
FreeSpeech FreeSpeech. (2 months ago)
Reality check. 65 million live in the uk only 5 million in scotland....how the fuck do you expect to have equal say...jocks your not muslims mate you dont get preferential treatment just coz your a small section of britain.. the tail wagging the dog..get real.
Mjd3707 (2 months ago)
It was the Scots that needed the English to form the Union as they were having there own financial crisis
Danae (2 months ago)
i always thought haggis was stuffed into the bladder, though of course the stomach, being larger, makes more sense. greetings to scotland from the american branch of clan johnston. keep on kicking ass.
LiquidBread13 (2 months ago)
Kiss the unicorn
Zoe Kirk (2 months ago)
They should’ve done it!
Jeffrey Tan (2 months ago)
Get those Muslims out of Europe ! 3 of out 10 is a potential terrorists 9 out of 10 is a racist asshole
FyllingenOy (2 months ago)
I don't think John Oliver has ever read Harry Potter if he thinks that's an even remotely accurate description of the series.
TheOriginalDJarbiter (2 months ago)
bbonner422 (6 days ago)
Anime Girl (2 months ago)
A unicorn nice, we should have picked a pheonix.
SIOM (2 months ago)
This guy is absolutely brilliant!
Gail Wilcox (2 months ago)
i like haggis :)
ApoliJamie MMD (2 months ago)
Scotland: our national animal is a unicorn Wales: ours is a dragon England: ours is a Lion Northern Ireland: ours is..uh..
Dimitri Andreou (2 months ago)
Bob's your uncle
AManThatCantFly (2 months ago)
Pls Scotland dont go I would be very sad.
Drakh Valor (2 months ago)
the women in the commercial speaks a charakter in witcher 3. But i cant figure out which one ^^
some russian idiot (2 months ago)
I love this guy so f ing much
The Viewer (2 months ago)
As a Scot I find it really annoying that the flag is now so heavily linked to the Yes campaign that having one feels like a political statement.
PIGEON MAN (2 months ago)
USA: so.....Scotland is trying to leave you. But what about Wales UK: well you see Wales can die for all we care USA: why? UK: Wales doesn't have land in its name
Caution Classy1 (2 months ago)
Who cares. Liquidate youtube
Caution Classy1 (2 months ago)
Liquidate youtube!
Caution Classy1 (2 months ago)
You have no idea what youre doing. Liquidat.
Caution Classy1 (2 months ago)
I alreafy jave tje confessions of some bad people. Domt need youtube anymore
Raj Singh (2 months ago)
Can anyone explain what is difference between Britain UK England
The Viewer (2 months ago)
England; just the big one at the bottom, doesn't include Scotland, Wales or Norther Ireland. Britain; Scotland, England and Wales, just the ones that share land borders with each other. UK; Scotland England, Northern Island and Wales, all four of them together. I hope that helps.
Aidan Lindon (3 months ago)
Why would you think that the Euro is unstable?
Canzandridas Joe (3 months ago)
God I shouldn't binge watch like this but.... "David Cameron-" *His name is Jaaaaames Camerooooon...* ♪♫

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