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Holmes caused far more financial harm than Shkreli: Judge Napolitano

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Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano breaks down the difference in charges between Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes and “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli.
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Text Comments (343)
Koko Kosila (1 hour ago)
She's a Schulz. That's why.
Chris Tee (4 hours ago)
Real pussy power!
jlastre (7 hours ago)
She was criminally charged today.
M Chatham (8 hours ago)
Are you kidding me!!! "He shouldn't go to jail because he's a jerk!???" That's NOT why he went to jail- he went to jail because he was convicted of a crime! And fine for a Billionaire is insulting! Disgusting!!
DrumWild (16 hours ago)
The comparison between Holmes and Shkreli has the tenuous common thread of medical products, when Holmes never delivered a medical product. While Shkreli was a jerk and ripped people off, he did not promise a product and then not deliver it. That is why this comparison fails so miserably. A better and more accurate comparison would be Holmes and Madoff. Bernie Madoff learned what happens when a man screws over the wealthy. Holmes is learning what does and does not happen when a woman screws over the wealthy. The reason why Holmes has been getting away with this scam is because of our Age of Listen and Believe, and METOO. The idea behind this is to ALWAYS believe a woman, for women do not lie. Even worse is the method of pushing women into areas where they may not belong. There is no difference between a man of the 1950s telling women what they CANNOT do, and women of our modern times telling other women what they MUST do. There are actually investors out there right now who want to believe in Holmes so badly that they still want to invest with her. They still trust her. They still like her. They want it to be real so badly. I'm sure there could be a woman out there who may be the next Steve Jobs. Holmes is not it, and is being forced into that mold after she did some character study to put herself in that role. Because of our times, where our system and culture engages in "Soft Sexism" toward women, not only will Holmes be able to commit more scams, but more women will surface and be ready to scam those who have been indoctrinated into The Cult of Woman. This is not to say that women cannot achieve. Certainly, they can. While many people would vote for a woman, it was no excuse to vote for Clinton. And while many people wish to invest in female entrepreneurs, Holmes is not the right choice. They're investing in Holmes because of her gender, and not because she has an actual product. I hope that they all pay for it dearly and lose their shirts, because maybe then we can shake this cult-like _support of women, no matter what._ As a man who considers women to be equal to men, I prove it by treating them like men, including having the same expectations of them that I would have of a man. If a man did what Holmes has done, then he would be looking at a lifetime in prison. If there is ONE thing you do not do in America, it is defrauding the wealthy. For the embodiment of power in America is neither male nor female, and the color of true power and privilege is not white. It is green. For now, women do not get treated like men in the court of law. This must change, sooner rather than later. Funny how Feminists do not speak up about soft sexism, because they benefit from it.
Ronan Rogers (19 hours ago)
It’s a phial of blood. This ignoramus pronounces it as if it’s a vile of blood. On reflection, that’s hardly surprising...he is American.
Noel Collins (1 day ago)
she is a bitch and should be in the Ho house.
timothy lines (1 day ago)
blue eyes blond hair,must be jesus in drag.
81ackman (1 day ago)
She sold a fantasy, like all liberals.
Mike Gilardino (1 day ago)
isn't it strange? the same people who complain about "female privilege" are the same people who claim White privilege doesn't exist. think about that for 2 seconds.
Presidely (1 day ago)
She has the 'dynasty pass' as she belongs to the lineage one of the richest families in America (in the past).
Wonderland United (2 days ago)
That laughter at 3:10............
Dude Vader (2 days ago)
Folks. The story is not over. She had been criminally charged
Lying Press (2 days ago)
Marissa Mayer - destroyed Yahoo Susan Wojcicki - destroyed Youtube Amy Pascal - destroyed Sony Films Kathleen Kennedy - destroyed Lucasfilm Sheryl Sandberg - deadbeat at Facebook Carly Fiorina - destroyed HP Elizabeth Holmes - Silicon Valley fraud
Michael (3 days ago)
Idiot bitch was probably fucking everybody.
SuperbChannel (4 days ago)
Another proof that American justice system is a sham. A bogus sham. Even president Trump is being hounded by the so-called "DOJ". Manafort is going to jail for a crime he committed 12 years ago, which half of all lobbyists in DC also committed. Hillary walks free while someone else who committed less serious crimes than she did served time. Shkrelli's crime was much less than Elizabeth Holmes'. But guess who is serving time?
Isabella Renzi (4 days ago)
Napolitanos laugher at the end, priceless. 💕
Zero chance of her going to jail. The takeaway we should get from this is that no woman is ever held accountable like a man is, no woman ever does the time for the exact same crime a man would.
Bo Rood (4 days ago)
Stupid lying bitch. Lock her up!
Evan Moyer (4 days ago)
If I were President I would offer her a pardon if she agreed to touch my wiener.
Victor Sapkota (4 days ago)
"One has the right in America to be a jerk, LOL"
Chulhyun Ahn (7 days ago)
She settled, while Shkreli fought his charge despite his public image which was less than favorable.
Sparky (8 days ago)
The only reason she is not in jail is because she is a woman...
Roberto Giménez (10 days ago)
s (11 days ago)
I boicot western women. They are a nuisance
sent4dc (11 days ago)
What can I say. You have to be/do the following to avoid any consequences: 1. Be a female. 2. Be a blond. 3. Get a set of puppy eyes. And you're golden!
Wolfgang Breitenseher (13 days ago)
It's a woman. Women are not responsible for what they're doing. They are passive. That's why they must be protected from ther own actions against evil patriarchy.
Christen Denise (13 days ago)
She's a cute blonde who probably said, oops, I Didn't know the technology was not going to work, And got off Scot free that way...gee whiz..
Josh Charlie (19 days ago)
Surely she should be in jail.
Archive Studios (21 days ago)
Her eyes tell you she's nuts. Her voice tells you she's fake.
HedgeOwl Invest (22 days ago)
Also physical harm and ethical harm.
Christopher Podlewski (23 days ago)
Time to BOYCOTT all products and services who invade our data plans with every video!
Rutwik Pandit (25 days ago)
Elizabeth Holmes defrauded Rupert Murdoch and his business criminal buddies , tbh they had it coming when they didn't do their do diligence in investing in Theranos , she personally didn't sell a single share in the company and hence cannot be said to have profited massively from it .
Enrique Chong (25 days ago)
difference? good PR
sld1776 (25 days ago)
The criminal investigation of Elizabeth Holmes is still ongoing. Geez.
John Iii (26 days ago)
She knew how to play the game better rather than this sexist rant- - And it’s definitely not true that jerks are not punished more harshly on judgement day
Obsideon 13 (26 days ago)
But it's a crime. Actually Shkreli was a total ass and smug about it. Send them both to jail.
Mike G (26 days ago)
This news clip is a joke. They failed to mention that the criminal probe is still ongoing.
Norman Mattson (26 days ago)
Yes, Judge Napolitano, in America you have the right to be a jerk. Our president is the prime example.
Hazrat Ali (26 days ago)
She probably warmed the judges bed
Vera (26 days ago)
And NO ONE thought to ask for patents? Proof that this works? No one? She settled the case? No jail time corn fraud?
fwd105 (27 days ago)
I like this judge.. that laugh
TrollBronze (27 days ago)
fitnesspoint2006 (27 days ago)
hear lots of women say "fake it till u make it" I guess it did not work this time.
AliensAnonymous (29 days ago)
She's a lying, stealing bitch.
Anonym Cat (29 days ago)
She's looks like the male version of Mark Zuckerburg
Royal W (29 days ago)
Just compare how many patients died ! One can come back later and it blood drawers the old way an The other raised prices so very high for folks pay in cash they could refill an died ❣❣❣
Carl Marcus (29 days ago)
They would make a good couple- they deserve each other!
Keyser Soze (1 month ago)
Female Privilege.  Never held to the same standards of men.
crezman (1 month ago)
Shrekeli taunted the hell out of the authorities and I'm glad he's in jail. I'd like to see Holmes in jail as well. There's a lot we still don't know about the Theranos case.
HoboEpoch (1 month ago)
Dan Edds (2 months ago)
The problem for Shkreli is that he pissed of a triumvirate of establishment politicians, the pharmaceutical industry and your casual headline reading citizen in their numbers; that was always going to fare badly for him. Sad, because lady justice is supposedly blind.
Harvey Weinstein (2 months ago)
The bitch should go to jail just for her voice.
John Greene (2 months ago)
Fox news two years ago loved this woman. Once again missed the story. Fox news is joke.
Cesar Lima (2 months ago)
Pussy is a hell of a superpower
priya gurav (2 months ago)
Hmm is her claim really baseless or is she being just brought down by the other big pharma companies?
Curt Walter (2 months ago)
I think she was born a he.
UpYours101 (2 months ago)
Lock her up
jake black (2 months ago)
Another part of being an American is stabbing the elite in the face when you get the opportunity. Sure Holmes financial crimes were worse but she really didn't have an impact on the jury of her peers aka the common person. Shkreli raised the price of a live saving drug 5000%, a drug the common person is paying for. Guilt vs innocence in the US is determined by the common person, that is what the Constitution demands. Spit on the common person and you will be found guilty.
MR RedAnt (2 months ago)
white female privilege. Men: 5 years Black person 10 year
John (2 months ago)
The Securities and Exchange Commission doesn't bring criminal charges which is why Elizabeth Holmes right now only has to pay a fine. Shkreli was investigated by the FBI which actually sends people to prison. As of now Holmes is under criminal investigation. However those investigations often move like molasses.
Pat Beaudry (2 months ago)
Another right wing finical fraud. No criminal charges. Just like wall street. Slap of the wrist. Fucking republicans.
Me too
frank rizzo (2 months ago)
When women commit crimes it's never really a big deal you don't want to interrupt their livelihood or anything no big deal
fkujakedmyname (2 months ago)
shrekli should have been charged for price hikes but these niggers on fox news will only care about when nazi faggot welfare queens on wallstreet loose money they stole from main street workers. PS fuck the george soros tax breaks fox news is abunch of niggers who love george soros so much they want him to get a tax breaks and shrekli doesn't get charged for his real crimes cuz of nazi house niggers on the right
Kwame (2 months ago)
All of the sudden, white people can see female privilege but cannot see overall white privilege over minorities. Y'all just choose to look away. I never thought y'all were that dumb. As long as it doesn't effect you it was okay, huh?
exbronco1980 (2 months ago)
this makes me mad, this is not how the justice system should work.
Adam Romero (2 months ago)
Why would you defend either?
Juan Serna (2 months ago)
Send her to that desert prison camp in Arizona
MGTOW Lawyer (2 months ago)
she knew her pussy will save her in the end she knew from the beginning and did not give a flying fuck
biobele william-west (2 months ago)
And you wonder why MGTOW exist
Taelan Baylor (2 months ago)
That pussy pass. I have no desire to be transgendered, but if I could have chosen my gender I would have been a woman. Get laid anytime I want, take no responsibility for anything, everyone listens to me and takes care of my needs and on the off chance that I do something wrong I cry and say I didn't mean to and my sins are absolved.
Steny Ethan Mathews (2 months ago)
Theranos only got 500k fine?.... what a joke. This justice system itself is a fraud.
Dingle Stingle (2 days ago)
Many high ranking government people were on her side. I'm sure they got their money out of it. Just proves our government is very corrupt. She helped them out. Keep pushing towards the rich and the poor. All the non insiders probably lost everything in that stock. The non insiders of course are not the rich ones.
Evan Moyer (4 days ago)
read the news from today
Anyweather Never ever (2 months ago)
The laws are different for Securities vs investment fraud but wow if this lady had her company public she would be in an orange jumpsuit with chains by now..
TProgressASAP (2 months ago)
female criminals dont need to go to prison, that would be sexist
robert (2 months ago)
i don't have any kind words abt Shkreli. Holmes is different, her ideas were ahead of our time and investors placed their bets based on that. Nothing is guaranteed, investors got lucky this round.
James Walker (2 months ago)
Fucking disgusting , disturbing me to the core
Pfsif (2 months ago)
But she's an empowered woman?
Will Moffett (2 months ago)
"She made material misrepresentations to investors" Is that all it takes? Sounds reasonable but I am scratching my head wondering why half of Goldman wasn't indicted.
josh gordon (2 months ago)
What financial harm did the African American male do, who was beaten to death for selling dvds? Get the fuck out of here
Breanne Smith (2 months ago)
na he was a str8 asshole about it.
krillin876 (2 months ago)
He got that sentence because if HRC...no doubt
Joe Real (2 months ago)
don't let hookers run your company
Joe Real (2 months ago)
a female CEO ruined HP...
King Bugs (2 months ago)
And Yahoo.
Tigers Speaks! (2 months ago)
HMMM. It's almost like Shkreli was being targeted by politically charged psychos
Metallurgist Music TV (2 months ago)
It’s funny Martha Stewart who is a beloved television personality who actually created something of value, sells $230,000 of ImClone stock on since information and she gets five months in prison, five months home confinement and two years of probation. I am not condoning what Martha Stewart did, but she did far less damage than Elizabeth Holmes and plus Martha Stewart actually has a real successful business that makes money! Elizabeth Holmes everything she did was a lie and she defrauded investors out of $750 million and a false positive from one of her machines led to a man getting a heart attack because he relied on false information!
Stuart McWhorter (2 months ago)
"pharma-bro" vs "nano-tranny" lmao
John Stibal (2 months ago)
That's what happens when you threaten HRC's hair... You're going down son...haha
tHeWasTeDYouTh (2 months ago)
Vobe S (2 months ago)
free shkreli i didn't even think he was a jerk after watching all the interviews he did and on his live streams people are just afraid of confidence, they can't stand when information is given to them straight on instead of in a nice little kissing your ass package. you work in business that's how successful people act when they climbing the ladder,, then they pretend to be nice people when it benefits them, he just wasn't pretending.
Tom Wessel (2 months ago)
omar khan (2 months ago)
Female at her best, player her cards right
jior6 (2 months ago)
LOL @ taming strange
Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf (2 months ago)
This chick made billions of dollars off a complete lie. Why is she not in jail? Should I start a company and sell people a complete lie? Apparently if I become a billionaire the lie is justified and all is well. What's going on here?
Alen Mustlovski (2 months ago)
She deserves 7 years for wearing that disgusting turtle neck
FattyMcButterPants (2 months ago)
Shes so ugly too
FattyMcButterPants (2 months ago)
sexism at it's finest. Females always get close to no sentencing in courts for the exact same crimes a male would get life for.
Riley Dog (2 months ago)
She deserves a break after years of oppression and sexism by white privileged men
heart is a nazi (2 months ago)
Women are exempt from punishment
Andrew M (2 months ago)
Get rid of the useless female CEO of you tube next.

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