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Zimbabwe High Court Overturns Reserve Bank’s Decision To Ban Cryptocurrency

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Text Comments (82)
Richard Neal (7 days ago)
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Carl Hopkinson (10 days ago)
Freaking Money Sucking Vampires draining the life blood of all economies through usury and manipulative self-serving capital controls. Call up the firing squads.
Carl Hopkinson (10 days ago)
Right on, Jeff!!! Getting rid of Central Bank Financial Tyranny is the key to humanity progressing to its next level.
frys y (12 days ago)
Necessary right approaches;for all exchange facilitates the ability to vote for EOS holders on the exchange,on going eos block producer vote. The fundamental principle of block-chain (decentralized network) is, the state of being diverse. In this circumstance one entity voting on behalf of all, truly defeat the over-all purpose. Purpose the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. One of the responsibilities put on exchange hand, when they accept this challenge, to be one of trusted digital currency exchange. Diversity of nature formulated. ... Humans are affecting nature to a greater and greater degree and this is contributing to the reduction of biodiversity globally. To better assess the consequences requires a better understanding of the environmental conditions that the species in an ecosystem live under. Example: The Voting Rights Act of 1965, signed, aimed to overcome legal barriers at the state and local levels that prevented African Americans from exercising their right to vote as guaranteed under the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Thank you for everything you do for the ecosystem.
Trezna Justifyme (14 days ago)
DATARIUS CRYPTOBANK DTRC is the answer. P2P Banking.No more banking problems.
Top Crypto Projects (14 days ago)
The banks are shaking in their boots 😂
Mark Seveland (14 days ago)
Now just need everyone to start pricing things in crypto, and stop pricing things in central (privately owned) bank notes.
hez bollah (14 days ago)
I like the way he laughs at the bankers... Roger Ver & Bankymoon in talks with SA reserve Bank... seems like BCH is partnering with FIAT
Thomas Crown (14 days ago)
Dey mess with Wakanda dey mess with me! Show us da wae ZIMBABWE!!!
A. X (15 days ago)
WHA!!!?? Wow Jeff, thanks for the most intriguing news . Look for futile attempts collusion later on! #powertothepeople
MrHarrilasagna (15 days ago)
Keep fighting the good fight!
Scott Stephens (15 days ago)
ive got one of those 100 trillion dollar Zimbabwe notes , i bought it for 20 AUD about 10 years ago. Does any one want to buy it?
stebo5562 (15 days ago)
Central bank: use our money, it won’t hyperinflate again, we promise.
TheDirtycustomz (15 days ago)
End the fed!
Paul Kunne (15 days ago)
I mine monero hassle free from my browser @ bro miner https://wallet.brominer.com/reg.php?12885
pedro magoo (15 days ago)
MineCoins.net (15 days ago)
Carlos Salinas (15 days ago)
Who gives a fuck about that niger crap
Neillio Takle (15 days ago)
Well done Jeff. Keep up the good work buddy.
Dio Genes (15 days ago)
Bureaurats : I like that
Cfass1 (15 days ago)
I even heard Daniel Carver was saying, wake up Black people
SAILERMAN (15 days ago)
They won't shut Jeff Berwick down, Jeff goes for the money not the truth.
Deluxelex (15 days ago)
Living in Zimbabwe as a foreigner is like walking around with a bullseye on your back. The risks are not worth it.
Slobodan Svirosovich (12 days ago)
Deluxelex you can leave anytime
Travis Li - Rufus (15 days ago)
we still have ppl using paper money that is printed on toilet paper. When are they going to change it to crypto?
C.L. Anybody (15 days ago)
Travis Li - Rufus When antichrist steps in the picture and forces you to
ITSMEE BOSSLADY (15 days ago)
Andy Peterson (15 days ago)
Other negroes know SHUT. IT . DOWN
Jim Pratt (15 days ago)
I have been a subscriber for over a year. Never thought a guy my age, 58, would believe what you have been "Preaching" for the past several years. Then i ran for Congress in SC against Krupt clyburn in 2010. My biggest opponent was the Deep State Run gop! i have been buying Gold and Silver for the past several years. I found out about a company that offers Private Issued Currency Grade Gold bullion. They also have an affiliate program that has allowed me to now Acquire Gold instead of buying it! Find out more at the link below https://www.karatbars.com/landing/?s=creativecapitol&p=2 They also created the first Crypto backed by Gold! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yISVqp5lZHE They continue to amaze. KaratGold Mine Worth 900 Million Announced At New York Stock Exchange https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GODT8xDb_aA Jimbo Pratt [email protected]
Bank officials like their heads on their necks. Smart not to show up. Soon they'll be hiding in the bush.
D.J. Nassar (15 days ago)
God wouldn't that be a blessings to do what Our Great Presidents of yester year did, or tried to do, SHIT CAN THE ZIONIST JEW FEDERAL RESERVE BOARDS PARASITES BANKING SCUM, THAT ARE ENSLAVING THE WORLD. I HOPE ALL THE PEOPLE DEMAND AN END TO IT, AND NOW.
Pierre Jeudy (15 days ago)
Power to the people!
Dixie Bassin (15 days ago)
One time a person told me anarchist don’t want a state because they want to be able to get away with fraud and degenerate behavior. I thought they where full of shit and then I found Jeff Berwick.
Rich Quitliano (15 days ago)
When I saw that bill, I thought "$100,Trillion, redeemable anywhere for 3 rocks!"
ATLancap (15 days ago)
Central banks BTFO
-ED- (15 days ago)
Judge(s) must be invested in crypto ;-)
Yasira Osiris (15 days ago)
Promisory notes: teach people about how everyone can issue their own money and exchange it
Yasira Osiris (15 days ago)
grasshopper78 I agree with you 100% https://youtu.be/MeD8-7p_6ys
grasshopper78 (15 days ago)
Yasira Osiris teach people how money should disappear and never return as it is a scam and a mind and body control device nothing more
MGTOW Rubicon (15 days ago)
The Zimbabwe banksters and politicians are not yet finished raping and pillaging that country.
facts bluboi (15 days ago)
Get to Colombia now Jeff. Properties have increased ten fold.
facts bluboi (15 days ago)
doughtymqan wrong. Fact is ten fold is cheap still for people holding USD and euro. One million USD is three billion pesos which equals a huge monopoly in Colombia.
doughtymqan (15 days ago)
Usually at 10X value it's too late.
Crypto CrashMonkeyz (15 days ago)
Great video Jeff.
Joanna Rees-Jones (15 days ago)
good on you!
MrBrooxy (15 days ago)
Fuck banks buy bitcoin😋 and....maybe eos
Eureka_sevenfold (15 days ago)
You know the sad thing is I knew about Bitcoin when it was like 30 40 cents
E W (15 days ago)
Eureka_sevenfold Crypto is an energy production derivative. Energy now is subsidized to make it affordable for everyone. Crypto is free riding the system in place. So if in theory it is the market dominant exchange, then it goes up and down on energy production. So it always will be derived from that. Everything else, chip advancement aka processing advancements will always be an externality to the source, energy production. Base an economy on non-regulated energy production and watch everything else soar in price. Crypto is not the answer.
Eureka_sevenfold (15 days ago)
Seaton1518 well at that time I had no job and no money the next time I heard about it was when it was like 30 $40 when that country I believe Greece and started making people where they couldn't withdraw money out of their ATM or bank account
Eureka_sevenfold (15 days ago)
Seaton1518 well the thing is I still don't think Bitcoin is going to be the future there's going to be some form of a cryptocurrency that will be the future right now they're all competing to see which one that's going to be the one that people use I don't see any cryptocurrency that interest me enough to put money into it I want to see a in to in real-time encrypted peer-to-peer mesh Network using quantum entanglement you know the saying knowledge is power what I just explained was the next internet I heard of cryptocurrencies that does similar things I said except the quantum entanglement part the quantum entanglement part is key but that technology is still being worked on and just look Bitcoin Swift has dropping price where the Bitcoin cash has went up you could see a possibility that Bitcoin cash have another hard Fork and same with the Swift system because ultimately the end product of cryptocurrency isn't fully seen yet and anyways cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin went up really high because a lot of normies got into it and don't realize what it was used for and it blew up the currency so high eventually it drop back down but it doesn't mean that it will go to zero
MARLO TREE (16 days ago)
Waytogo! Also watch white farmer takes back his farm in Zim: https://youtu.be/i10ppb_yKUU Yes crash the gates and take back what was stolen.from you by banks , religious institutions.governments and big corporations !
4exgold (16 days ago)
Zim is indeed a lovely country with huge investment potential. the new President has done a few positive things since Mugabe left but of course he was also a key Mugabe ally throughout Bob's reign. The upcoming elections will reveal a lot. It'd be nice if ZANU lost power but i dont hold out much hope of that, and if there's widespread vote rigging and corruption, then nothing really will have changed with the "new" regime.
Eric Dexter (16 days ago)
didn't they drive all the whites out. the intellectual capital caused them trouble and now they have no capital.
stebo5562 (15 days ago)
Because they were doing so good before?
E W (15 days ago)
King Facts TM Venezuela didn't filter enough of their oil sales through Wall St and so they are being penalized for getting free pricing of oil through Wall St. Venezuela wants to be self sustainable through oil and doesn't see a trade off is what is missing to make that happen.
King Facts TM (15 days ago)
Samual Whittemore They banned the whites so the whites deliberately sabotaged the economy just like in Venezuela.
A Haeg (15 days ago)
Eric Dexter That is because the great white man is so intelligent!
Kiwi AustEcon (16 days ago)
The reason I wouldn't invest in Africa is that those guys will just turn around and kick you off your land. No respect for property rights. Might is right. Same reason Subsaharan africans have never built anything. They lack the cornerstone of civilisation - respect for private property and self-ownership. Free trade, free markets, liberty. Instead it's rape, theft, murder, corruption.
Kiwi AustEcon (12 days ago)
Last guy deleted his comments. Dumb commie was here...
Slobodan Svirosovich (12 days ago)
Kiwi AustEcon you are not welcome in the first place, especially with that contemptuous attitude
Kiwi AustEcon (15 days ago)
You're a fucking moron.
Kiwi AustEcon (15 days ago)
oh you one of those ppl who think everyone should work for free as one big happy family? How do you build a $100,000,000 hydroelectric dam coordinating 1000s of people and resources without ownership, money, commerce? What people just dedicate their lives to upskilling etc. while other people take on a maternal role of feeding them and clothing them with no expectation of anything in return?
Vincent d (16 days ago)
I don't have notifications from your channel now but it appears on my suggestions !!! That's odd.
Americanlife7022 (16 days ago)
Slobodan Svirosovich (12 days ago)
Americanlife7022 it's called Zimbabwe. Get out of here with that Rhodesia nonsense.
King Facts TM (15 days ago)
Americanlife7022 R.i.p
Playster (16 days ago)
Courts will be irrelevant in any kind of anarchy based society be it capitalist or communist
Ahmet A. Akın (14 days ago)
Nope. Read the concept of "private law society". Society needs rules and laws, albeit anarchist.
Dio Genes (15 days ago)
Not sure how communism can be without rulers.
the Pyramid (16 days ago)
Yippie, this was the news i was waiting for all year long- to the mooon
the Pyramid (15 days ago)
lets see if that even happens, you know damn well jeff has no clue about how the world works and even his understanding about crypto is more than questionable, all he produces is junk food for the brain, knowledge noone needs, he is the same as amtv and cnn and msnbc alex jones and tyt and stepan molyneux- nothng what they say is real or even matters and Jeff is a scam artist, he will bullshit you into buying a worthless passport of a shit country, be carefull about these fools, they are sickos and manipulators
Simba (16 days ago)
the Pyramid ~ What about the Global Currency Reset, and NESARA/GESARA?

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